Monday, September 16, 2013

In a Cosmic Jibaro / acoustic trance with storyteller / musician Rick Reyes

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  • Rick Reyes with Matt Dwonszyk at La Cupola
    -- photos by Bob Thiesfield

    Woke up today with the sounds of optimism, struggle and heartbreak. The treat came via my favorite of the totally fantastic Cosmic Jibaros, Rick Reyes.

    What, you may ask, is a jibaro?

    In Puerto Rico, los jibaros are distant cousins to American hillbillies or mountain men. As Reyes puts it: “They are historically known for a more simple and honest connection to the earth and the hard work of living – with a musical connection to reflect that.”

    I first saw Cosmic Jibaros several years ago at Black Eyed Sally’s in Hartford and then The Hartford Club, La Cupola in Litchfield and Central Connecticut State University. Their blend of progressive Latin rock, salsa, merengue, jazz and storytelling put me in some kind of cosmic trance to which I return whenever possible ...

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