Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Airing on U.S. TV: Canadian #TrueCrime Documentary Series Features #CT #WoodChipper Case Among Others That Inspired Hollywood Thrillers

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Why would someone be out in a storm with a wood-chipper on the side of the road?

How did Connecticut state police get a murder conviction without a body?

Shocking Truth [Fargo - Crafts / wood chipper case] Provides the Answers June 16 on REELZ

Series Premiered May 21 w/ Goodfellas; Up Next: Exorcist & Amityville Horror



  • WFSB: Woodchipper murder case from 30 years ago was pivotal for forensic scientists

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    (Goodfellas) Sunday, 5/21 at 9:00pm ET

    (Jaws) Sunday, 5/21 at 9:30pm ET

    (Exorcist) Friday, 5/26 at 9:00pm ET

    (Amityville Horror) Friday, 5/26 at 9:30pm ET

    (Conjuring) Friday, 6/2 at 9:00pm ET

    (Silence/Lambs) Friday, 6/2 at 9:30pm ET

    (Psycho) Friday, 6/9 at 9:00pm ET

    (Zodiac) Friday, 6/9 at 9:30pm ET

    During one of The Shocking Truth road trips through the US, a crew drove 1245 km conducting interviews in WI, IL, PA, NY, CT and MA. Dr. Henry Lee was interviewed for his crucial role in the infamous wood chipper murder.

    (Fargo) Friday, 6/16 at 9:00pm ET

    (Foxcatcher) Friday, 6/16 at 9:30pm ET

    (Natural Born…) Friday, 6/23 at 9:00pm ET

    (Monster) Friday, 6/23 at 9:30pm ET

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