Thursday, August 30, 2007

Illustration: Home Of The Douche Bag School Bosses


-- Col. Klink & Paula Schwartz?

-- Sgt. Schultz & Karissa Niehoff?

More Testimony Expected Fri., Aug. 31, 2 p.m., U.S. District Court, New Haven.

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    Anonymous said...

    Aunt Nanci has had enough.....

    Neil Young....."Keep On Rockin' In the FREE World".
    No I am not on Avery's side.....I am IN HER CORNER!....YES, I am related and PROUD of it!.......SHAME on the XXXXX XXX! ( will not use the "BAD" case the ......? ESQUIRE...LOL, will use it against the 16 year old INMATE) as an example of the kind of background the SMART/SAVVY young woman comes from, against her.....laughing is so good!
    #1) WRONG is WRONG
    #2) WRONG family! Smart, Strong Worthy WOMEN!
    #3) Lauren Doniniger GAVE the two school LEADER's a chance to get out with honor and without all the money/time/stress/not to mention that Avery will STILL have a GREAT SENIOR year with a ton of FUN and also a ton of CRUD that the ADMIN. will cause her...(people are WATCHING!)...and in 3-5 years......the ADMIN. will probably be taking an early retirement (TOO GOOD, FIRED!...cost effective!!) and we may very well be voting for AVERY in a political venue!
    Avery, I LOVE YOU!

    Anonymous said...

    Great Illustration - great post..
    Thanks for the chuckle today!