Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Enfield Council Debate Coverage Features Speculation About Tony The Bush

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Council Debate Quick Thoughts

I went to the council candidates’ debate tonight (signs at the entrance pictured), and I am preparing a full-length report. The most notable portions of the debate were perhaps the disagreement between Ragno and Mangini near the end about whether we ought to worry about the 2% of taxes that are not being collected, a strange rumor that Pat Crowley wouldn’t finish out another term (he seemed taken aback by the accusation and stated that he would, indeed, finish his term if elected) and the constant mentions of taxes as a top issue by candidates from both parties. The questions prepared by the EHS Youth Vote Program were great, and I found the debate very interesting.

Any thoughts on the debate, for those who were there? Also, if anyone out there was at Friday’s debate (which I couldn’t make), thoughts on that event are absolutely welcome as well.

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Comment from Orrin Thompson
Time: October 22, 2007, 11:17 pm

Chris, I heard the rumor that Pat Crowley was planning to win and resign on Friday.

Earlier in the year, Tony DiPace was going to run for the council and the democrats were ready to nominate him. Of course Tony’s tenure at P&Z has been controversial to say the least. He was stopped in his tracks by the outcry over the Montessori lawsuits, which have been a big waste of money.

Enter Tony’s brother Pat Crowley. When it was clear that nominating Tony would sink the democrats, a plot was hatched to sneak him in the back door: Pat Crowley would run for election and resign shortly afterwards. The democrats would then appoint Tony to fill out Pat’s term.

That debate question may have blown the wind out of that plot- this would be why Crowley was surprised. Too many people knew his secret.

This is all the insider politics that has come to the surface the past couple years. Notice that with the last Montessori lawsuit- the historical district one- that only a handful of people showed up to testify against the plan: Tallarita, Troiano, and Crowley (DiPace’s brother). Do you see how all these relationships work? This is how power is exercised in Enfield and has been for many years.

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    Anonymous said...

    Hello Orrin,

    It is great to hear from you. Welcome back! Enfield and Thompsonville needs you.

    If you get the chance take a ride by your old home (mansion) on Enfield Street right in the middle of the Felician Sister Complex. You'll see that your old home is now a miraculous adult day care center. The adult daycare center is run by a Felician Sister named Sister Patricia (an astounding person). One can only pray that when and if one needs care that one can get it from the kind generous thoughtful care of Sister Patricia and her staff. Not only is Sister Patricia a amazing soul but she is a top business person too; she could run the town of Enfield if she choose.

    The Felician Sisters have quietly done so much for the citizens of Enfield thru out the years(Adult Daycare; leased out space at $1 per year for a regular town daycare; OLA highschool; Felician Sister's kindergarten (in the 50's and 60's up to 300 children a day in double session; The Enfield Montessori; St Albert's School as teacher; just to name some)and that is why it is so sad what they have to use the legal system to try to add on to their Enfield Montessori School. That is why we need some like you, Orrin Thompson, right now!

    If you, Orrin Thompson could speak with the Troiano family and try to resolve this issue with the Enfield Montessori School would that not be wonderful for Enfield? The Troiano family have also done terrific things for Enfield thru out the years. Papa Troiano started his oil business right around the time you left yours.

    If an Orrin Thompson might help the Sisters build an addition to their Enfield Montessori School on the 11+ acres they have owned since 1939 that would end this seven year odyssey. Seven years of cease and decease order, parking lot battles, court hearing and a hearing at the Connecticut Supreme Court. Why all the trouble? The Sister first went to the town with the idea in 2000. They only wish to add a break room, nurse's office, and principal's office (well outside the historical district and down below where you can not see it from Enfield Street)(they do not wish to add any additional students) similiar to the additions made to most of the elementary schools is Enfield in the last few years. The Enfield Street School added an addition right behind the Old Town Hall Building (with in 275 of the back of the Old Town Hall).

    This continuing seven year odyssey is very sad; with two wonderful groups the Trioano and the Felician Sister involved. Orrin Thompson, I did not see your name on the ballot. Perhaps there is an "Orrin Thompson" consiglieri running for office in Enfield who can resolve this shameful odyssey.

    Anonymous said...

    > Enter Tony’s brother Pat Crowley.

    What? They're really related?
    There's another excellent example of Enfield's "political in-breeding".

    Ya got the Tallaritas (brother & sister), the Jarmocs (husband and wife), the Manginis (mother & daughter), the Kiners (father & son). And now DiPace and Crowley.
    Have I forgotten anyone (cuz one really needs a scorecard to keep everyone straight.)

    Its little wonder nothin' changes
    for the better in Enfield, when its the same ol'families running the show.

    Time to vote for the best
    "person", and not just for a "the name".