Friday, November 02, 2007

Shout Out To Cops & Others Dropping Dimes

Re; recent calls & correspondence

It is unclear whether the subject got a break and / or is being set up. As with any story, eyewitness accounts and documents are vital.

Keep those cards, letters and calls coming.

Happy weekend also
to Shallow Tiramisu, Deep Cannoli & Little Cannoli, et al.

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  • From a recent Hartford Courant article:

    Enfield Police Lt. Duane Tompkins recently resigned. His resignation closely follows the department's announcement that it was conducting an investigation on one of its own, town officials confirmed last week.

    Chief Carl Sferrazza declined to comment on whether the lieutenant was Tompkins.

    Tompkins, who has been with the police department for 18 years, submitted his resignation with an effective date of July 9, 2008, said Bill Mahoney, the town's human resources director. The police department confirmed last month that it had placed one of its six lieutenants on suspension as it conducted an internal investigation on him.

    Sferrazza announced two weeks ago that the internal investigation had been completed without any findings or results. But the department has not released any further details.

    Tompkins, 43, began as a patrol officer in 1989 and most recently commanded the department's detective division. He is a former vice president of the Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association of Connecticut.

    In 1994, Tompkins became one of Enfield's first community police officers, patrolling on foot and working with the Thompsonville neighborhood in preventing and solving crimes.


    Anonymous said...

    No one ever said what he did? Or didn't do.

    Anonymous said...

    He did his job and by that fell into disfavor with management. Being the internal affairs officer means you might by chance find things that makes you a liability within the department. Good police with a clean record makes you wonder, doesn't it?

    Is he still on the town payroll but not on the force? You bet. The money trail always gets you there.