Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sister Cocoa Puffs Renomination At Issue?

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I hear that the dems don't want to renominate Kathy for state rep. It's because of Pat and Kay's disloyalty- payback for supporting the republicans and payback for the Enfield Fed fiasco. Story has it that if she tries to run again, Kathy will face a primary. It's someone who can raise big $$$ to take her on.

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    Anonymous said...

    Why would the donkeyocrats throw a seat away? She owns 58 and is the closest thing to a sure winner they have. They aren't that dumb, although they've had some moments. Who starts these rumors anyway?

    My town councilman came by Sunday afternoon while campaigning with a goofy kid, his son I think. We talked about Fermi and how much it cost. He said we might have 3 million in state money coming to us and Ms. 58 is the energy behind that. He said she has key state people behind her helping. That money will pay us back for the toxin removal at Fermi. As Joe Taxpayer I liked that news and the fact that the burden won't fall directly on me. I will call her and report back.

    Anonymous said...

    Not supporting? She was seen in district 4 campaigning for Maxellon. I heard from a friend she will be in district 1 campaigning for Peruta. That sounds like support to me supportive.

    Anonymous said...

    > He said we might have 3 million in state money coming to us

    As an Enfield taxpayer, you're probably overjoyed to learn that the State will bail out Enfield from their toxic field mess. As a non-Enfield resident, why would I be in favor of the State bailing Enfield out? Enfield should be responsible for the fiscal messes they create (or in this case, dug up).

    Money doesn't grow on trees. If the State is bailing out Enfield, then the rest of us CT tax payers will likely will the pinch elsewhere. For services that would impact more of the general population.

    My kids will never play in Enfield so why do I care if Enfield gets 2 new athletic field complexes @ their high schools? All of us in CT have to "pay" for Enfield's athletic follies? And by the sound of some of these blog comments, you people certainly have plenty to choose from.

    Anonymous said...

    > she will be in district 1 campaigning for Peruta.

    Peruta will need more help than her. In his district, that lil' stretch of Weymouth Rd was under construction from early July until after school year began.

    Those elementary kids had to start schools without sidewalks completed, or crosswalk "marked" in the road. How shameful!!

    And they're still working on some sidewalks now.

    Have never see such a small stretch of road take so long to be completed. Drive down the road and hit a manhole cover - they rattle. Just wait until the frost heaves hit'em. Nice work!

    Anonymous said...

    > We talked about Fermi and how much it cost. He said we might have 3 million in state money coming to us and Ms. 58 is the energy behind that.

    Do you folks in Enfield know what
    the word "porkbarrel" means? Because that's exactly what that $3.3 million bond request is - nothing more than "porkbarrel"
    and frankly I agree with the other post that non-Enfield residents shouldn't have to pay for Enfield
    athletic field mistakes.

    If Cathy Tat (Ms 58) and the former Enfield rep, Steve Jarmoc had so much energy, and had done their jobs, Enfield would have enlisted funds to help construct Enfield's athletic fields from day one. Did they? "No".

    Now that the Fermi situation has turned into such a PR nightmare,
    Ms 58 is enlisting the support of her fellow Dems to get the State to bail out Enfield? Nice try, but
    the rest of us CT taxpayers will
    likely have a say as to how we want
    state $$$$ to be spent, and frankly
    this is up to Enfield to pay for.
    Its their mess so pay for it from their deep Enfield pockets.

    So Enfield, "don't count your chickens before they hatch". You'll likely never see one red cent of that $3.3 bond money. And James Amann knows that all to well.