Friday, January 11, 2008

Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall

Courant Story On Cocoa Puffs'
Boot From Town Committee
Follows Yesterday's
Cool Justice Posting

Ex-Mayor Snubbed In Voting
Recently Retired Patrick Tallarita
Misses Out In Election For Democratic Town Committee

Courant Staff Writer
January 11, 2008

ENFIELD — It was a surprise to some people Wednesday night when recently retired mayor Patrick Tallarita was not re-elected to the Democratic town committee.

More people than the permitted 25 members for District 2 wanted to be involved in the town committee, officials said. When all was said and done, Tallarita and his wife, Jeanette, fell a few votes short of being re-elected.

Word of the vote quickly traveled throughout the party Thursday, sources said. According to the vote tally, Tallarita received only 31 votes.

Tallarita said he's not upset about the outcome and has been voted off the town committee in the past. He doesn't know if it was a reaction to the recent election in which Republicans took control of the town council and the board of education.

"It wasn't my first time, probably won't be my last time," Tallarita said. "If the Enfield Democratic Town Committee wants me to be a member and participate as a member, I will."

Lori Longhi, who nominated additional candidates to the committee, said a number of new people wanted to get involved, as well as some who had been voted off in the past.

"It was just people who wanted to get on the committee," Longhi said. "Frankly, I was shocked at the outcome."

Longhi said some people were looking for a change in the membership of the committee, but it was still surprising to her.

"It was an interesting night," Longhi said.

Last year, Tallarita said he would not run for re-election as an at-large council member. The mayor is a ceremonial position chosen by the council at the beginning of the term.

"To tell you the truth, nothing surprises me in politics," Tallarita said. "Nothing surprises me in local politics."

Tallarita said he is considering whether to challenge the results by requesting a primary but will wait to see if there is support to do so.

District 2 Councilman William "Red" Edgar declined to comment, and committee Chairwoman Karen Weseliza could not be reached for comment Thursday.

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    Anonymous said...

    Whoopdie, Doo. who cares that Pat Tat or his wife weren't elected. They're old news. Do us all a favor, and stop giving this guy the attention (bad or good) that he strives for. Enfield has bigger fish to dry.

    Anonymous said...

    > He doesn't know if it was a reaction to the recent election in which Republicans took control of the town council and the board of education.

    How could anyone be that clueless? The reason the Republicans took back control of the council and the board of ed, are because of how the former mayor conducted himself while in office. And how his "Spend-o-crats" cronies, looked the other way.

    He, more than anything, or anyone, is directly responsible for the "Spend-o-crats" fall from grace. The Enfield Republicans owe him big-time! Because they couldn't have won w/o his antics.

    Anonymous said...

    Pat voted off the town committee in the past? Please somone tell us that story. When, why and how?