Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hans Felsendinger Public Radio Debut

-- One Of Hans' Many Disguises ...

  • Hans' Segment Begins About 6-7 Minutes Before Conclusion

  • -- Hans In CT Last Summer

    -- Near Hans' Bat Cave, Bavarian Alps

  • Hans Covers Obama In Berlin
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    Unknown said...

    Many years ago in a quiet nook at a small gasthause in Bavaria, I actually met and chatted with Her Felsendinger or "Felsy" as his friend call him.

    He was a gracious man, but after a few large Beers he became quite boistorous and nasty. And defensive as well! He jumped from his seat and startled everyone by singing, loudly, "Mien Libschen Marlene."

    I said, "Felsy, sit down you are making a fool of yourself!" which only made things worse. He started to dance and sing louder at which point the owner of the gasthause shouted, "Enough! You must leave immediately!" Felsy, indignantly shouted back, "Don't you know who I am?" I tried to stop him, but it was too late...Felsy screamed, "I am the great Hans Felsendinger!International Man of Mystery."

    The owner said, "I don't care, you must go, at once." So Felsy got up, swooped his cape over his shoulders and walked out into the cold snowy night-never to be seen by me again. It was since that time that he has never shown his face in public again. Thanks so much Mr. gasthouse owner! Another ruined hero!

    I only ask that you all show some respect for Felsy's privacy. He is a broken man in many ways, and needs love, not intrusion!