Friday, September 11, 2009

Quotes Of The Day

"It's a very big shame — I would personally even say a disgrace — that Litchfield denied these permits for Chabad," said the Rev. Thomas Drobena, the pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Torrington.

"Jewish-Christian relations are actually quite good out here in Litchfield County, and many of us regularly attend worship with Rabbi Eisenbach and at other synagogues.

"Jewish symbols are absolutely not a threat to a historic district," Drobena told The Hartford Courant, "and anyone who says they are just doesn't know their history. Christians and Jews share a common heritage that's really essential to the fabric of New England."

"The defendants [the Litchfield Historic Commission] have engaged in a targeted and deliberate effort to prevent the Plaintiffs from developing the property and [using] it as a place of worship, while permitting other development within the town that is substantially similar to the modifications proposed for Plaintiff's property," Chabad Lubavitch's Hartford attorney, Kenneth R. Slater, wrote in the federal complaint. "This targeting has been based in large part on anti-Hasidic animus."

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