Friday, December 03, 2010

Amazon’s cowardice and servility generate boycott


So far Amazon has spared itself the further embarrassment of trying to explain its action openly. This would be a good time for Amazon insiders who know and perhaps can document the political pressures that were brought to bear — and the details of the hasty kowtowing by their bosses — to leak that information. They can send it to Wikileaks (now on servers outside the US), to mainstream journalists or bloggers, or perhaps to a site like, which has now appropriately ended its book-purchasing association with Amazon and called a boycott.

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    libhom said...

    I will do my Solstice shpping elsewhere.

    Amazon is named after brave, powerful women but is run by sniveling, weak men. Talk about irony.

    Awesome guy said...

    Unforgettable History nice one