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Prosecutors Won’t Pursue #Badaracco #Homicide Because Too Many Powerful People Would Fall

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FLASHBACK: "Rocky Ten Names," Joey "I Beat Two Grand Juries"
& Dominic Badaracco;

Rocky - Brunes Wiretap Transcript

Cool Justice:

Pretend investigations the norm in Badaracco homicide for 32 years

By Andy Thibault

State police bosses proclaimed this month that the Mary Badaracco homicide case is active.

Don’t believe it for a second. No one is actively pursuing the case.

Why? Too many powerful people would fall.

For starters, there are the judges from the New Britain judicial district who witnessed and participated in the 2010 leak of grand jury information to a long-time golfing pal and business associate of murder suspect Dominic Badaracco, the victim’s ex-spouse. The person who sought, received and passed on that information – Robert Bruentti – was also a judge at the time. Brunetti has since retired with a full pension.

None of the judges were prosecuted.

Hartford Courant columnist Rick Green asked at the time why Brunetti waited weeks before he contacted the state police and the state’s attorney about the calls he was getting for grand jury information ...

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  • Phony grand jury
    In Badaracco homicide
    Never issued a public report

  • This is what a grand jury report looks like

  • ... The Badaracco case was so messed up it had to have had help going south. Police initially were indifferent about the victim’s shattered car windshield, only to search for the vehicle unsuccessfully many years later ...

    Four Winds Farm truck at Danbury Public Works

  • Flashback: "Rocky Ten Names," Joey "I Beat Two Grand Juries" & Dominic Badaracco
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