Saturday, August 27, 2016

How to ignore basics in a homicide #Badaracco

Cool Justice:
In which the most important questions about a homicide are ignored or deflected

By Andy Thibault

“Art, what brings you to New Britain?” the lunch date asked.

This was no ordinary lunch, or so it would seem.

This was a gathering of state judges at The Great Taste Chinese restaurant in New Britain sometime in October 2010. The object of the inquiry, Judge Arthur Hadden, was presiding over a secret grand jury investigation into the killing of a battered woman, Mary Badaracco of Sherman, in 1984.

The person inquiring was then-Judge Robert Brunetti, a former lawyer for the prime suspect in the Mary Badaracco slaying -- her ex-husband -- Dominic Badaracco.

Another judge said of Hadden: “He’s sitting on a grand jury ...

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