Monday, September 26, 2016

Support your local library

Special thanks to Sprague (CT) Public Library Director Chris Kolar, staffers and volunteers, who hosted a lively discussion on judicial and political corruption Sept. 22 ...

Here is a 2014 interview with Kolar regarding her service and the library's renovation, via The Norwich Bulletin:

  • Kolar Q & A

  • Kolar said more than 80 library patrons and guests participated in the Sept. 22 event, which focused on patterns of suspects having their hooks into cops, judges and prosecutors.

    Cases cited via the books more COOL JUSTICE and
    Law and Justice in Everyday life included the hit-run death of Kevin Showalter in New London and the disappearance / homicide of Mary Badaracco in the northwest Connecticut town of Sherman. The group also discussed police and prosecutorial misconduct, the Bonnie Foreshaw case and the use of teams of private detectives to dig up dirt on cops, doctors, a prosecutor and children in the Woody Allen sex assault case.

    Best Intro Ever by a Librarian

    Kolar opened the evening with a few short videos:

  • Foreshaw case in 50 seconds

  • What is more COOL JUSTICE?

  • Also, the beginning of this video via Huffington Post:

  • Yale's Bogus Woody Allen report

  • Then, Kolar said, "Our guest speaker wandered in off the street tonight and needed someone to talk to ... "

  • Showalter case background

  • Badaracco case background

  • As I visit various libraries around the state, my appreciation grows for the service and capabilities of our hard-working librarians.

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