Friday, August 25, 2017

Trump Dossier Core Claim: The 2 Sides Had a Mutual Interest, Exchanged Info & Cooperated

  • Schiff: Important claims in 'dossier' backed up by public record

  • Dossier via Buzzfeed

  • British spy Christopher Steele tells FBI sources for Trump 'dossier': report

  • Fox News: Steele ordered to give deposition in Buzzfeed suit

  • Richard Blumenthal wants Glenn Simpson’s testimony made public; firm drafted Trump dossier

  • 7 times Trump tried to call off the dogs on Russia

  • Some In Congress Don't Get The "Gravity" Of Russian Election Meddling, Former CIA Director Said

  • 'I can tell you what the veterans of the S.I.S. [the British Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6] think, which is yes, kompromat was done on him. Of course, kompromat is done on everyone. So they end up, the theory goes, with this compromising bit of material and then they begin to release parts of it. They set up an ex-MI6 guy, Chris Steele, who is a patsy, effectively, and they feed him some stuff that’s true, and some stuff that isn’t true, and some stuff that is demonstrably wrong. Which means that Trump can then stand up and deny it, while knowing that the essence of it is true. And then he has a stone in his shoe for the rest of his administration.'

  • Spies Like Us: A Conversation With John le CarrĂ© and Ben Macintyre
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