Tuesday, February 06, 2018

He's Back on Tap: Louis The Coin Reschedules Rotary Appearance

Louis 'The Coin' Colavecchio, World's Greatest Counterfeiter,
At Litchfield-Morris Rotary March 15, 2018

LITCHFIELD, CT -- Louis 'The Coin' Colavecchio -- whose counterfeiting prowess was featured on The History Channel and the BBC -- will be the guest speaker for the Litchfield-Morris Rotary on Thursday, March 15 at noon at Forman School. This event originally was scheduled for Jan. 4, but it was postponed because of a blizzard and frigid temperatutes.

“I'm always happy to visit Connecticut to see old friends and make new ones,” Colavecchio said. “I also appreciate the work of Rotary Club members who serve others all year round. I’m just an average, hard-working guy with tenacity. Unlike many people, if I have a goal I never quit. Of course it helps if your goal is legal.”

The event is open to the public [Rotary members and guests]. Contact Chuck Conn, 860-806-1550 / cbcthree@aol.com or Andy Thibault, 860-690-0211 / tntcomm82@cs.com.

Colavecchio will be introduced by retired Connecticut State Police Detective Sergeant Jerry Longo, who arrested him. Following his presentation Colavecchio will sign copies of his memoir, "You Thought It Was More."

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Little known fact: This is not the first speaking engagement for Louis The Coin in Litchfield. In 2007 he was among 10 poets and writers who presented at a free speech rally at the Litchfield Inn.

  • Blast from the past: Louis Colavecchio appearance w/ Poets & Writers for Avery, Litchfield Inn, 2007

  • Look who's reading Louis The Coin's memoir in anticipation of upcoming Rotary appearance...and watching a History Channel documentary about Louis...

    -- Litchfield-Morris Rotary President Ron Swanson

    -- Rotary President-Elect Mickie-Ann Budny

    -- Rotary Club member Ted Murphy

    -- Rotary Club member Peter Aziz

    -- Various patrons, Oliver Wolcott Library

    My style was to take a couple hundred grand from each casino,” he said. “If I didn’t do your casino, it was an insult.”

  • Equipment from Louis The Coin's Garage of Magic

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