Sunday, September 27, 2020

Louis The Coin’s Garage of Magic: Some of the Equipment He Used To Create Undetectable Slot Machine Tokens




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Finished product

“So much sets this book apart – the extraordinary tales it tells, its insider’s look at organized crime, and Louis Colavecchio's enormous affection for his characters. But the biggest surprise? I was held in total suspense by the technical sections. I never expected to be riveted by metallurgy . . . but I was.”

-Novelist Pam Lewis, author of “Speak Softly, She Can Hear” and “Perfect Family.”

Strip after coinage blanks have been punched out, 

dies and rubber impressions of tokens 

Electrical Discharge Machine used to reproduce the token dies 

- also known as a spark erosion machine 

Rolls used to produce strip of the required thickness 

Press to produce coinage blanks 

A press to strike the tokens 

Electro plating equipment 

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