Saturday, November 20, 2021

Louis the Coin exhibit advances on The Mob Museum agenda #Providence #YouThoughtItWasMore


LAS VEGAS – The Mob Museum’s VP Exhibits/ Programs Geoff Schumacher, 11-18-21 (R): “This is a story that deserves to be told and we would be happy to be part of it.” [No timetable set as the planning process continues.] Shaking hands with Schumacher is Andy Thibault (L), liaison from the Connecticut State Police Museum to The Mob Museum. 

CT State Police Det. Sgt. Jerry Longo, Retired, Chairman of the Connecticut State Police Museum, talks about his relationship with Louis the Coin on the Ray Dunaway Show, WTIC 1080.

                                                                      -  PHOTO by BOB THIESFIELD

Jerry and Louis at The Hartford Club, 1-15-10

Statement of Connecticut State Police Museum Chairman Jerry Longo,
CSP Det. Sgt., Retired:

Almost every trooper at least once in his or her career gets to tackle that one memorable / big case.

Mine was most definitely chasing Louis the Coin around for two years.

Although it culminated in his arrest, it also resulted in a friendship. Weird, yes, but true.

I am pleased as I am sure my fellow troopers who worked this case and surely Louis would be flattered by the attention this case would get at The Mob Museum.

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