Saturday, September 25, 2021

Will the cosmic slot machines pay out?

Will the cosmic slot machines pay out?

[with] lurid, astonishing, confounding stories, leaving us /

richly barren, forever dreaming /

of a time there will be more –


We’ve got a song, we’ve got a poem, we’ve got an exhibit, we’ve got photos and video and we’ve got a book.

And, oh yeah, we’ve got a screenplay: You Thought It Was More …

[Louis] produced perfect tokens/

that allowed him to bilk /

the ultimate swindlers,

the casinos for four years … /

… Lavish Louis in his loafers /

On a yacht flying one sail: /

LLO ladies love outlaws. /

Even in prison, he laughed … /

… I don’t know how /

He weathered hypertension, /

Wardens, dementia, chronic /

Obstructive pulmonary disease, /

Correctional officers, chaplains /

And loneliness those last months … /

2019 Sentencing Memo 
Affirms & Documents Book, w/ Footnotes

Louis the Coin’s Garage of Magic,

As seen by poet Ravi Shankar:

… It was like the enchanted inside /

Of a sorcerer’s workshop … /

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