Monday, July 16, 2007

AP: Burlington Teen

Sues School Officials
Over Free Speech Issue

Banned From Election,
She Asks Court For Justice

Associated Press July 16, 2007
HARTFORD, Conn. - A Burlington teenager sued two top school officials Monday, saying they violated her constitutional rights by removing her as class secretary because she used offensive slang to refer to administrators on an Internet blog.

Avery Doninger, a 16-year-old student at Lewis Mills High School, wants to be immediately reinstated as class secretary. She also wants a new election for class officers for the upcoming school year, when she will be a senior, and a chance to give the candidate speech she was forbidden from giving to her classmates.

Avery Doninger (with banned t-shirt inscribed, on back, Support LSM Freedom of Speech; and with update, R.I.P. Democracy on front) and her mother Lauren look on as Atty. Jon Schoenhorn announces lawsuit filed to establish some civil rights at Avery's school.

Photo by Jim Brewer

Doninger's mother, Lauren, filed motions for temporary and permanent injunctions on her daughter's behalf against school Principal Karissa Niehoff and Region 10 Superintendent of Schools Paula Schwartz, according to court documents filed Monday in New Britain Superior Court.

Niehoff removed Doninger as the class of 2008 secretary and banned her from running for re-election after discovering the teen used a pejorative term when she referred to unnamed school administrators in an online journal.

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  • Avery Doninger and her mother Lauren with Atty. Jon Schoenhorn.
    Photo by Jim Brewer

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    Bong Hitter for Jesus said...

    I guarantee you that none of the rightious media in beautiful Connecticut will come out and let the brothers and sisters know the "evil" word this girl used to describe her Nazi school administrators!

    I heard it was douche bag a million times in many places, but the one place you expect to hear it, the news, they just can't say it.

    douche bag, douche bag, douche bag, douche bag, douche bag, douche bag, douche bag, douche bag, douche bag.

    Sorry, but I figure the more times people see it and read it the less supposedly offensive it will be.

    What an uptight bunch of...ah never mind, don't want to cause no problems.