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Courant Story Noted By Enfield Reader

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Well given Enfield's former mayor is married, with children, and is still receiving all kinds of negative press for his behavior (see Courant link), perhaps an unmarried mayor, with no children is a refreshing change. Do you think Enfield's former mayor was a great representative of the average "Enfielder"? Hardly.

Exactly what does the above writer have against unmarried, child-less people? Do you think they're immune to tax increases or making ends meet in tough times? Heck, "single" don't get any tax breaks as married couple do.

Talk about an ignorant, prejudicial statement. Shame on you.

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  • Filing Names
    Former Mayor
    [AKA Cocoa Puffs]

    Ex-[Dem] Leader Gives Notice Of Lawsuit

    Courant Staff Writer
    December 1, 2007


    A political rival of former Mayor Patrick Tallarita this week filed a notice of intent to sue Tallarita, the town and the police department over an incident at a local supermarket.

    In the filing, Jack Mancuso, a former Democratic town chairman, accuses Tallarita of verbally accosting him in front of his children at a Shaw's Supermarket on May 28. Mancuso said Tallarita shouted at him and made obscene gestures and threats.

    The notice says Tallarita made it clear that he was reacting to Mancuso's filing of a complaint with the public integrity unit of the chief state's attorney's office. Mancuso said in May that he filed the complaint because he felt the Felician Sisters, a local religious order, were being treated unfairly by Tallarita in a land-use board's decision over the use of a parking lot.

    Mancuso, who is not claiming that Tallarita physically assaulted him, did not complain about the incident to police.

    But the filing states, "shortly after this incident, upon further information and belief, based upon information provided by others, the Chief of Police, Carl Sferrazza, and or/members of the Enfield Police Department may have gone to Shaw's store and demanded they produce all recording of any security camera that might have recorded the incident."

    In the filing, Mancuso says he intends to investigate the factual basis of the allegations and pursue legal action if there is a basis for the claim.

    The filing claims that Mancuso and his children suffered personal injuries including emotional distress, anxiety, depression, humiliation, loss of enjoyment of life's activities, loss of reputation, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and fear for the safety of their family.

    Tallarita said Friday Mancuso's claims hold no weight and he disputes his version of the May incident.

    "I don't concern myself with Mr. Mancuso or his interpretations of the truth," Tallarita said. "I think he needs to move on."

    Sferrazza said the allegations in the filing are "absolutely false" and he doesn't know where the information claimed in the filing came from.

    "I never went to Shaw's and did anything like that nor did I direct anyone to do anything like that," Sferrazza said. "It just never happened."

    Tallarita has said that he and Mancuso are former rivals in the town Democratic Party and that he helped get Mancuso kicked out of the town committee.

    Contact Larry Smith at lsmith@courant.com.

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    Anonymous said...

    > accuses Tallarita of verbally accosting him in front of his children at a Shaw's Supermarket on May 28. Mancuso said Tallarita shouted at him and made obscene gestures and threats.

    The Journal Inquirer also had an article this week, on this May altercation.

    If anyone ever, ever made obscene gestures or threats in front of my children, I'd have had them arrested in a heartbeat. Its one thing not to like an individual, but completely out of line to carry on & scare young children. Especially in a public place.

    And since others witnessed this, clearly portions of this incident are true, and cast Enfield's former mayor in an "unfavorable" light.