Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Certain College Application Essay

Orient Lodge

This year I have come to understand why liberty and justice are symbolized with scales. There is a lot to be balanced and decisions can weigh heavy. Since May 2007, a series of good and bad decisions, made by myself and others, has led me on a journey filled with risk and opportunities.

The first decision that I made reflected positively on my character. I fully invested myself in student government and worked hard in my elected positions. Frustrated over scheduling snags and short-notice cancellation of a school event (Jamfest), I went home and posted a blog on an obscure Live Journal page. In the blog I encouraged people to petition the government – a good decision; it was political speech. The bad decision was the opening line, “Jamfest is cancelled due to the douchebags in central office.” Not my finest moment.

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