Friday, February 27, 2009

Not-A-Dime Jim Featured @ HuffPo; Lame / Disingenuous Statement By UConn President

At a post-game press conference blogger Ken Krayeske asked Jim Calhoun, Connecticut's highest paid state employee as head coach of the UConn men's basketball team, whether or not he would consider taking a pay cut to aid the financially troubled state.

This did not go over well. Calhoun proceeded to ask the report if he was stupid then tell him repeatedly to shut up.

Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell has gotten involved saying, "I think if coach Calhoun had the opportunity right now, he would welcome a do-over and not have that embarrassing display."

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  • Lame / Disingenuous Statement, 2-26-09,
    By UConn President Michael Hogan

    "Coach Calhoun is a valued member of the UConn community, a Hall of Fame coach with two national titles to his credit. His salary reflects a fair-market value and his teams generate considerable resources for our Division of Athletics. In addition, while the current controversy may cloud the facts, Coach Calhoun and his wife give back to our community in many ways - through the time, energy, and personal donations they invest in important charities. We at UConn (and the charities to which they give so generously) are grateful for their contributions and support.

    "As to the controversy over Coach Calhoun's recent press conference, the question he was asked about his salary was perfectly fair, although the reporter, as Coach Calhoun suggested, might have found a more appropriate and less provocative setting for his inquiry. I am sure that we all regret the controversy, including Coach Calhoun, and I can assure you that we will continue to encourage all members of the UConn community to resist temptation and treat others in a judicious and respectful manner, no matter what the circumstances.''


    After Giving Absolution,
    Hogan Forgot To Tell Calhoun
    To Say Three Haily Mary's

    It has become clear that my comments have been misinterpreted by some as being insensitive to the current economic climate that those of us around our country and here in Connecticut are all facing.
    I believe I have a duty, responsibility and obligation to support the state I love and the many people and organizations of Connecticut that are in need. I look forward to continuing with the same amount of passion and commit­ment to assist people and causes that are important to me and my family.

    Next time, answer the question. Don't duck it, like a coward, by trying to intimidate the questioner.

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  • " ... If they ask [Not-A-Dime Jim] a hard question he's going to shut off their access. He's done this for years. He did it to me when I worked for the Advocate. I wrote a tough column, and then he said I couldn't interview players anymore ..."
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