Saturday, February 28, 2009

NY Daily News: Not-A-Dime Jim Is Out Of Touch

UConn's Jim Calhoun is out of touch with J.Q. Taxpayer

Calhoun's contract is particularly obscene, considering the economic environment.

By Filip Bondy

Jim Calhoun's arrogant response during a press conference to an unexpected question last week about his $1.6 million-plus UConn salary was a watershed moment in this business of sports. It marked the first time, but surely not the last, that a publicly funded team official was held to the same sort of scrutiny as bailed-out banking types.

The bubble is bursting everywhere, and none is riper for pricking than bulging sports contracts. In short order, expect taxpayers to demand accountability for executive salaries in collegiate and professional franchises. That would include the Yankees and the Garden, among other employers, who have accepted federal or local tax breaks for years.

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