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Note For Enterprising Reporters, Investigators:

This is a list of some of the dead
connected with
The Billy Smolinski Missing Person / Homcide Case:

* Krystal Rapuano
* Shaun Karpiuk
* Thomas Karpiuk

What Really Happened
In Each Homicide? / Suicide?? Accident???
Where Do The Trails Lead?

How Will Waterbury Police Chief Neil O'Leary's
Negligence / Bungling -- Or Worse -- Of This Case
Affect His Quest To Become Mayor?

As Spring Approaches And The Ground Thaws, How Deep Will The FBI Dig, In The Ground And Elsewhere?


Here's The Latest Story
By The Reporter / Publisher
Who Opened Up The Case

An Update In The Bizarre
Disappearance Of Billy Smolinski
By John Murray
Waterbury Observer
February 2009

Six months have passed since state police, Seymour police, Shelton police and the FBI organized a massive excavation on a farm in Seymour looking for the body of Billy Smolinski. Smolinski disappeared under mysterious circumstances in August 2004 at the age of 31, and is widely believed to have been a victim of foul play. The week long dig came up empty, but sources have told the Observer that the farm remains of intense interest to law enforcement.

Several tips, including one directly to the Observer, stated that Billy is buried on the farm in Seymour, but his body is much deeper in the ground than was excavated.

The ground is frozen now, but the Smolinski family hope law enforcement resume their efforts in the Spring.

In other news in the case, the Shelton police took Billy’s truck into custody for a detailed forensic inspection in early October. The truck had been stored on a Smolinski family farm in Watertown since Billy’s disappearance. Neither the Waterbury police or the FBI ever did a thorough forensic exam of the truck.

The Discovery Channel is airing an hour long special on the Smolinski case later this Spring, but the exact time has yet to be announced. The show will be called “Vanished” and was filmed in Connecticut last Autumn. The show is expected to zero in on some of the bizarre circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Billy Smolinski, including an explosive love triangle and the loss of seven individual DNA samples by the Waterbury Police Department.

Janice Smolinski, Billy’s mother, has spent much of the past five years prodding law enforcement to take the disappearance of her son seriously. In addition she has spent thousands of hours leading an effort to alter the way law enforcement officers respond to the report of a missing adult. She and her husband, Bill, successfully shepherded a bill through the state legislature last year, but at the last second the bill was watered down by the Police Officers Standard and Training Council that made the recommendations voluntary.

The Smolinskis, with help from their state representative in Cheshire, Vicki Nardello, are attempting to make the changes mandatory in this legislative cycle.

In addition, Janice Smolinski has been prodding Senator Joe Lieberman and Congressman Chris Murphy to sponsor a bill in Congress that mandates medical examiners across the country to take samples from unidentified remains and upload the information into NAMUS, a national data bank trying to link 160,000 missing people in the United States to the 60,000 unidentified dead being stored around the country.

Janice Smolinski has become a national spokesperson for NAMUS and was a speaker at conferences in Texas, Colorado and Maryland in 2008 that targeted law enforcement and medical examiners.

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    We first told you about Billy Smolinski a year ago. He disappeared from his Waterbury, Conn. home in August, 2004 after breaking up with his girlfriend.

    CBS News Correspondent Bianca Solorzano got an update from investigators, and the missing man's family.

    Smolinsksi was 31 when he vanished.

    He had just returned from a trip to Florida with his girlfriend. The next night, he told his sister that his girlfriend was having an affair with a local politician. They argued and broke up.

    Smolinski's sister, Paula Bell recalls that, "I said, 'Well, what are you going to do" And he just said, 'What am I going to do?'"

    Authorities say Smolinski was last seen at his home. His next-door neighbor says he asked him to watch his dog for a few days, because he was headed north to look at a car he wanted to buy. His truck was found in his driveway, his keys and wallet were under his front seat.

    That, says Solorzano, is where Smolinski's trail ends.

    The FBI calls it a difficult case.

    "Essentially," says Special Agent Bill Aldenberg, "the man just disappeared off the face of the Earth."

    He says there's been no sign of Smolinski but, "There are suspects, based on tips and based on interviews and based on investigations that we've conducted."

    The bureau was tipped off and, in the spring, searched in Shelton, about 20 miles from Waterbury. Agensts looked for evidence near several homes, dug up a driveway, and also searched near a river, but found nothing.

    The Smolinskis, Solorzano points out, have never stopped searching.

    They posted thousands of missing person flyers but, in a strange twist, found Smolinski's ex-girlfriend tearing them down.

    At the time, local police say, she was not a suspect.

    Article Details Waterbury Police Data
    That Was Suppressed For About A Year

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    Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

    >>How Will Waterbury Police Chief Neil O'Leary's
    Negligence / Bungling -- Or Worse -- Of This Case
    Affect His Quest To Become Mayor?

    Hopefully it'll tank any chance he might have had.

    We know from the Lou DeLuca case that O'Leary has no problem lying through his teeth.

    Zainad said...

    I hope the case gets resolved and the Billy's family will get some solid answers soon.