Monday, March 23, 2009

Two Priests Stand Up For Litchfield Synagogue

Are The Other Ministers
Sitting On their Hands?

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  • Podcast On Litchfield Synagogue Roadblocks

  • Litchfield Hysterical District Sets Up Court Battle

  • Star Of David Not Quite Right For Our Neighborhood

  • Pending Tax Increase For Litchfield Courtesy Of Kuhne, Brickload et al

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    Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

    It's obvious that religious freedom has be to be re-defended constantly.

    This Litchfield case is truly disgusting; as was what Wallingford pulled on the backers of a proposed Mosque there.

    It simply doesn't stop.

    From trying to get Methodists to supply a "site plan" ($5,000) prior to placing a tent up for a week; to harassing Roman Catholics that were gathering to do the Stations of the Cross in someone's backyard (30 acres no-less) there seems to be a constant desire to dictate to others as to when and where they can exercise their religion.

    Did every current land-use commissioner flunk History?

    Does no one comprehend just what brought the Mayflower to these shores?

    These attacks stike me as too akin to Treason itself to allow them to go unchallanged.