Wednesday, March 25, 2009

“I never saw so many Archie Bunkers in one room in my life”

Small Business Owner Speaks Out
At Meeting On Litchfield, CT Synagogue

From The Register Citizen:
Michael Ponte came to the meeting because he is a friend of the rabbi and wanted to hear everyone’s questions. Ponte expressed misgivings about the people who asked questions critical of the Jewish congregation’s plans to build a new structure.

“I never saw so many Archie Bunkers in one room in my life,” Ponte said, referring to the bigoted television character. “The sentiment here is unfortunate. For me, it is not an issue of the building per se; it is an issue of what the building represents.”

And, Today,
In A Brief Chat
With The Cool Justice Report:

"If he was not going to change that building at all, there would still be opposition," Ponte said. "There is prejudice all over, not just in Litchfield. People have been so isolated they are afraid of someone who is different."

Editor's Note: Ponte sold his interest in Litchfield's Cinema Cafe several months ago. He currently operates a different business.

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