Friday, May 29, 2009

Photo / Video: Melanie Lieberman / Vicky Nordlund Advance Sunday's Young Writers Twain House Bash On Channel 3's Better CT

Hosts Scott Haney and Kara Sundlum and Connecticut Young Writers Trust keynote speakers Melanie Lieberman and Victoria Nordlund are pleased with the results of their strategy session after the show Friday morning.
-- Photo by friendly audience volunteer on i-phone

  • Video Of The Segment

  • Hot Jazz, Cool R&B And Much More @ Mark Twain House Young Writers Event Sunday

  • Aretha Finale At Mark Twain House Young Writers Reception May 31

  • Don't Worry, Be Hungry: La Cupola @ Twain House

  • Rockville Young Writer Melanie Lieberman, Teacher Victoria Nordlund On Channel 3's Better Connecticut Show

  • Don't Forget To Duck: Peter McEachern On Trombone @ Mark Twain House

  • Jazz Scene Heating Up @ Twain House
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