Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cop Boss In Hot Seat For Magic Triple Pension / Sham Documents

“Was there deception? Was something backdated, was there an attempt to defraud? Was there intent to represent something that wasn't true? That's very serious."

Fox8 New Orleans Scoop
Reported by Kim Holden, Anchor

New Orleans -- NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas rules the department with the mandate, “You lie, You die”. That zero-tolerance policy has landed a number of officers in trouble, either suspended or fired. Now FOX 8 investigates why one magic number may be at the center of questions surrounding the chief’s own return to the NOPD.

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Corruption, something white-folks in this city will never admit to!!! Here is a clear example of falsifying public documents. [Everybody] in this story should be INDICTED by the local district attorney, the State Attorney, and the U.S. Attorney $144, 000, and that money could be used to do good in the community, not take care a crook for the rest of his life!!!

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  • Meanwhile, Serpas Sits On File In Caporino Case Cover-Up

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