Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dozen Apply For Enfield Town Attorney Job

Hartford Courant

Town Attorney Search Is On

December 19, 2007


Mayor Scott Kaupin said the town has received applications from about a dozen attorneys seeking to be the next town attorney.

Longtime Town Attorney Christopher Bromson is stepping down from the position after a majority of the town council said they felt there is a potential of a conflict with him also being public safety director.

Kaupin said Monday the committee searching for a new town attorney will winnow the applications down to a smaller number this week so it can begin to interview candidates.

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    Anonymous said...

    If I get the Town Attorney job can I be Assistant Public Safety Director? I need the money.

    Anonymous said...

    Obviously if the new majoriy on the TC are asking the Town Atty to step down, they didn't agree to both positions being held by the same person in the first place...get a job if you need money, the Town is no longer handing it out freely.