Tuesday, December 18, 2007

JI Comments: Posted By Dave "Not A Buildable Lot ... " Fredrick & Submitted by A.Thibault

David J. fredrick, Enfield, Ct.,
comment on JI Dec. 14 story

Mancuso and Thibault 's allegations

Please note that Mancuso's accusations/potential lawsuits occurred after he and his attorney had been notified of the results of the State's Atty. investigation.Yet, Mancuso still continued his vindictive actions. Blogger Thibault when invited to defend his actions responeded "no comment".

David J. fredrick, Enfield, Ct.


Submitted To JI Website 12-18-07

About Bromson's Public Relations Event

Here is what I told Alex Wood on Dec. 13:

Hi Alex,

Sorry this is all I can say now:

"At this time, it would not be appropriate for me to comment."

Best regards, Andy

And here is what I posted at Cool Justice On Dec. 14,
the date of the story cited by David J. Fredrick:

"O.J., Meet Cocoa Puffs"


I followed this with other posts, including:

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and a few others.

Andy Thibault

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    Anonymous said...

    Give me whatever that dude is smoking? And how does he spell his name this week, with an "e" or not?

    How many judgments do you have against you Mr. Fred"e"rick??

    No one asked him about the zoning and building violations he has spirited for YEARS???

    When this gentleman decides how to spell his name, then I shall listen to him! Hmmrrrff!