Saturday, December 15, 2007

More On Enfield Internal Affairs

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He did his job and by that fell into disfavor with management. Being the internal affairs officer means you might by chance find things that makes you a liability within the department. Good police with a clean record makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Is he still on the town payroll but not on the force? You bet. The money trail always gets you there.

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    Anonymous said...

    Mr. Thibault, why didn't you post the letter you received from Assistant State's Attorney Christopher Alexy absolving Tallarita? That seemed like a fairly important development in the Enfield storyline you've pursued with such relish over the past year. Why hide it? At the very least, it could have been a good scoop for your buddies at the Hartford Business Journal. They could have blown the lid off the fact that you practice a shoddy, appalling brand of "journalism" that prizes rumor over fact and nastiness over simple fairness. That would've been a good story.