Friday, September 02, 2016

Judges who tanked transcripts played role in Badaracco case & served w/ grand jury leakers

Flunking the wicked smelly skunk test:
CT judges / prosecutors & Badaracco homicide

Cool Justice:

How judges & prosecutors circle the wagons to shaft public, protect themselves

By Andy Thibault

What a coincidence.

Two of the judges who ruled in 2012 to keep grand jury testimony secret in the Mary Badaracco homicide not only signed warrants in the case, they also served with fellow judges who participated in the leak of grand jury information to the prime murder suspect in 2010.

In this regard, judges Jon Alander and Hillary Strackbein flunked the wicked smelly skunk test. Their apparent conflict of interest looks bad, smells bad and is really bad. Why would any rational citizen have reason to believe that Alander and Strackbein upheld the integrity of their office in this heinous case?

Alander and Strackbein appear on a list of more than 15 judges who served in the New Britain Judicial District in October 2010. That is the time in which then Judge Robert Brunetti – a former lawyer for murder suspect Dominic Badaracco – sought and received secret grand jury information during a lunch with judges at The Great Taste Chinese restaurant in New Britain. That information made its way to Badaracco in a series of conversations also involving Ronald “Rocky” Richter – a boyhood friend of Brunetti and former business partner of Badaracco.

The list was provided promptly this week by the Connecticut Judicial Department ...

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