Friday, March 13, 2009

UConn Football Dollars Delineated

Ken Krayeske's 40-Year Plan / Waterbry Rep-Am

By Ken Krayeske

The argument, for the past three weeks, has been that the salaries of Div. I college coaches are justified because they bring in huge profits for the university athletic departments.

These cash-cow sports teams, we are told, have no negative impact on the academic side of the university. In fact, they have a positive impact, the advocates gloat.

Well, what happens when they lose money? And the loss is announced the day after the University hikes tuition by 6 percent and promises to cut 160 jobs?

Let's find out, because according to sports reporter Ed Daigneault in today's Waterbury Republican, UConn football lost $63,406 on its trip to Toronto. The Huskies wanted to break even, but they had to purchase more than $340,000 in unsold tickets because fans didn't give a rat's ass about a second rate bowl game, according to Daigneault.

But for a change in accounting methods in how UConn write-down coaching bonuses, the loss would have been $255,103 Daigneault wrote. Unreal.

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